Why Not Fall In Love (Again) – Update

It’s only been about a month since I started this project and I have already experienced and learn so much from walking up to strangers and asking them why someone shouldn’t be afraid of falling in love again. Here are some of my learnings and memorable moments that I’d like to share with everyone:

1. No one has said love isn’t worth falling into again, even those who are currently going through a heartbreak. Not surprising but always a good to hear.

2. The reasons to fall in love again transcend across age, gender, race, culture, and languages.

3. Everyone has gone through or is going through heartbreak or sadness from love (not just romantic). Seeing some people jog back in their memories for when they first felt heartbroken to come up with an answer is quite magical. It reminds me of how amazing it is for humans to have the ability to be empathetic.

4. There is an awkward/shy yet magical intimacy that you experience when you ask people to answer out loud a question as simple, yet emotionally and experientially complex as why you shouldn’t be afraid of falling in love again. It’s especially heartwarming when talking to couples to see the facial expressions of a lover reacting to what his/her lover has responded with because it is also his/her first time hearing it.

5. There was a woman who just gave me a hug before parting after doing the project. No better feeling than having a stranger give you a hug after talking for less than a minute and just because they also believe in the project.

6. The first stranger I asked to participate was a woman I met standing online waiting to use the bathroom of a restaurant. Turns out she was from the Netherlands with her boyfriend, the person who convinced her that love is worth it. He was just her upstairs neighbor. At the end, a random and mundane comment while waiting on a bathroom line led to the sharing of a love story that inspired me to go forth with the project. They even said they would bring the project back to the Netherlands for me.

7. People have so many fascinating stories to tell. What the Strokes said was correct “tell me a story, I know you’re not boring.” All you have to do is ask and then listen.

8. While I was wary of approaching strangers at first, I quickly learned that if you give people your genuine attention and sincerity, you’ll realize that we’re all the same social creatures that experience and feel. It is in our biological fibers to share and connect. Most importantly, I learned that you never know who you end up talking to, what stories you’ll hear, or even whether or not they will partake in your project – but you just have to put yourself out there and try. Try to go out make that human connection that reminds us what being human is all about.

Lastly, I want to give a huge shout out to my friends and family who came out to help me, who were adventurous enough to talk to strangers with me, who helped spread the project, and who believed in this project before it even began. Of course, I want to say thank you to all those who participated in the project so far and shared their stories with me. Our encounters, while only minutes long, were truly heartwarming and inspiring. So many thanks to everyone. Let’s continue to spread these good vibes!

with much love and gratitude,



Why Not Fall in Love (Again) – Why Not Experiments Project #1

Why Not Fall in Love (Again) is the first project of Why Not Experiments, a series of social experiments that explores to inspire and connect people in ways that they don’t expect to in hopes that these serendipitous interactions will remind us of the little joys in life.

Why Not Fall in Love (Again) was inspired by tales of love and heartbreak. It is an attempt to convince my friend, or maybe your friend, that it’s okay to be vulnerable and to let yourself love again. Everyone has experienced the fear of caring a little too much, being a little too crazy, losing yourself (Insert Eminem “Lose Yourself” tune) or losing that special someone.

This project is not to meant to mend broken hearts, but rather open those that are heartbroken to the possibility of love again.

So we hope you participate, for yourself, a friend, or even a stranger that needs that simple reminder that it’s okay to fall in love again.  Join us and follow the project. Share your stories and be inspired by others on Instagram @whynotexperiments or follow #whynotexperiments and #whynotfallinloveagain.


What is Why Not Experiments?

Why Not Experiments is a project that explores how we can make the world a friendlier and happier place.

In our busy and chaotic lives, we sometimes forget that the person breathing down on us during our subway morning commute also has family and friends, dreams and ambitions, stories of love and heartbreak, and most of all, is also trying to get through the day just like each one of us. The project hopes to remind us that and that if we slow down sometimes and say hello, a stranger can become a friend.

Why Not Experiments is a personal endeavor of Stephanie Yim, a designer living in NYC. She dreamt it up one night (literally at 3am), but has always been passionate about understanding how people share experiences to connect and inspire. She truly believes that it’s bacon that makes life tasty but it’s these serendipitous interactions that makes life interesting. Why Not Experiments is an attempt to give people that opportunity to indulge in those joys of life and to spread those good vibes.

Why Not? Good vibes are always good.